Charges for going o/d

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    Its also worth noting that there are some Basic Bank accounts which:

    - don't charge if they refuse a standing order or direct debit and/or
    - provide an interest free £10 buffer zone in case someone accidentally becomes a few pounds overdrawn

    Details of the various providers are found in this booklet.

  • Good point ejones the actual overdraft charges will probably arrive next month...

    The OP is where she is, though, and it will only spread the problem to other areas if she changes the payment arrangements but has no money to actually pay any bills with (due to the bank getting in first and helping itself to most of her benefits).

    To milliesmama: in the hardship letter, scrap the bit about "disproportionate to the £2 overdraft" but following the part about snowballing charges, add:

    - please will they extend sympathetic treatment to waiving overdraft charges relating to this incident, as otherwise you will be propelled into crisis.
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    If the tax credit system is to blame then surely they should pay?

    Exactly - why is everyone suggecting writing to the bank when it is not their responsibility - get the charges back from Tax credits.
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    A £2 overdraft and a £6 direct debit, and that costs £76, money which OP clearly cannot afford. Definitely go for the hardship letter, and it might be worth talking to the CAB, maybe they can knock some sense & compassion into Nat Worst. Are you able to set up a new account elsewhere, to avoid any further snowballing? Preferably one that gives 28 days prior notice of charges, rather than an 'on the spot' fine. I hope that you can sort this out, as you are far more important than Nat Worst profits.

    Sound advice worth following. Good luck.
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  • Is it charged already or will it be debited at a later date?
    Unless things have changed recently, Nat Worst charge at the time of the offence, and as I once found out, that means that a small error can rapidly go beyond control. In my case, I forgot a magazine sunscription, went over limit, and got hit with £60. They did not advise me (What do you expect for £30?), so the £50 I paid in to cover the small DD's due a few days later was not enough, and I got hit with £150 for those being returned. And more a few days later as the DD's were re-presented - I rapidly moved my salary! I really hope the OFT outlaw this practice when they finally report back.
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