Overpayment of salary

 I have been contacted by my employer this week to be told after 8months i have been overpaid.
All my contracts and what my manager submitted to HR was for 30hours. However HR have told payroll to pay me 37.5hrs. I never noticed the overpayment because as i have also found out this week i have been on the wrong tax code for over 18months so by the time tax and everything else was taken off me it looked correct and when i got paid the correct wage this week it was only £100 less than previous so it never looked like i was paid too much. The more annoying this is i changed roles within the department creating a new contract again with 30hrs all over it so TWICE HR have told payroll the incorrect amount. My employer now wants it back that's fine and my tax rebate should pay back a chunk but the amount they then want to take off me over the next few months will drive me into financial difficulty and i personally dont see why i should be forced into overdraft/debt for a HR mess i can pay back but at at much less amount over a longer period but they wont accept that, is there anything i can do?


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    Check your payslips in future and make sure you have the correct tax code.
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    They can't take it from you in one fell swoop. Tell them you can't afford this payment and will be paying back less. It's in their interests to reduce the payment, so go back to them with a different offer of a resonable amount over a reasonable time. If you want to play the dodgy game you could read this, but if I were you, I'd post on the employment board because they will n=know more

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    They paid it over 8 months, suggest paying it back over 8 months. 

    Whilst they are owed the money, as your employer they have a duty of care towards you. For this reason they souldnt push you towards financial hardship in reclaiming it. Its a case of being reasonable all around, as mentioned the go to is generally repaying on the basis it was given. If youre offering 50p a month, you are being unreasonable, if they expect the full amount back in a few (im reading 2-3) months then id argue that was fairly unreasonable. Itll largely depend on anticipated earnings and suspected disposable income. eg people on min wage you would expect longer to repay as their disposable income is typically lower. 
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