Common license for EEA citizens

Hello all. 

Wondering if there's any EEA citizens or British marrying EEA citizens able to help. We're getting married in church of England in October and we fit every criteria for getting married by banns, however as I'm a EEA citizen and apparently the first one to get married in the that church (even tho that seems very impossible to believe) that caused a lot of panic as they didn't know how to proceed. We were then told that we would need a common license where we would have to swear an affidavit. However, all the information online mentions that EEA citizens can get married by banns and that a common license is only necessary when there's not enough time for banns to be read or bride or/and groom are British but live abroad. When we asked for further clarification as to why we would need a common license, which is actually a lot more expensive than banns, the church has been very dismissive as it seems they are not used to being questioned. We just wanted to know why they are pushing us for the most expensive option when we fit the criteria to get married by banns and would like to know if there's people in a similar situation. I'm catholic and hubby is atheist and I was the one pushing for a church wedding but so far don't feel very welcome in the CoE 😢
Thanks in advance x
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