Southwestern trains - had to get a taxi instead

I had 2 day return tickets last Saturday with Southwestern journey from Pokesdown to Waterloo. There were engineering works and a replacement bus service between Winchester and Southampton. On the way back the train was delayed becasue of signals and when we arrived in Winchester there was no bus ready. It rocked up about 20 mins later and took sweet time getting to Southampton as the driver didn't seem to know where he was going. When we arrvied in Southampton it was 0040 Sunday morning and the last train had just left. There was a bus running but not until 0219 in the morning, an hour 40 later. There were at least 50 passengars left there with no where warm to wait and no one to ask for help or try and arrange and earlier bus. In the end we shared a taxi with strangers costing us £20 each. I have complained to Southwestern but do people think we should be entitled to be compensated for that taxi? If we had waited for the bus it would of been after 0430 by the time we got home and we departed London at 2230. 


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    Well, I think you *should* be reimbursed for the cost of a taxi from Southampton to Pokesdown to replace the train you would otherwise have caught, , if there was no alternative transport available and no staff to ask. But whether they will agree....

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    Yes, you should get a refund of your taxi fare but you will have to fight for it. See my posts on this branch of the forum about my experience: I did get reimbursement of a taxi fare paid under similar circumstances, but only after my MP had taken the matter to the Minister responsible for the railways!
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    Was your ticket to Southampton? If so, I'm not sure Southwestern Trains will owe you anything.
    If your ticket was to somewhere else and the rail replacement bus just dumped you at Southampton then that's not acceptable.
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    OP posted this just under 2 months ago, did it get spammed which brought it back to the top. 
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    I hope OP has at least submitted a delay repay claim.

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