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Sorry for asking a silly question, but I'm a bit confused. I've got a few savings accounts and am generally quite good at organising funds, but I've had a bit of a nightmare with this.

For the past two years or so, I've always transferred money into my online saver, as it's so easy to put it back into my current account and generally very accessible.

Problem is, I've just checked the interest rate, and it's only 3% - which I believe is actually *lower* than my Current Plus account - but I'm not even sure what the interest rate is on that, it says over 6% but that's only for the first 12 months, no mention of after that.

I only ever leave around £3,000 in there as a buffer, so the amount of interest is probably going to be fairly negligible, but it's a principle thing really - I'd rather have the money in my pocket than give it to Lloyds, especially due to the way they confuse matters with these introductory rates with no clear mention of what you get after that period ends.

I'm just wondering really what the best account is to use? I'd rather not switch from Lloyds, but am hoping they offer something a bit better than the 3% the monthly saver offers, that's less than half of my Sainsbury's and Icesave accounts x_x


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