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Electric Towel Warmer

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moonpennymoonpenny Forumite
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Hi, can anyone recommend  a good Electric only Towel Warmer/ Radiator for the bathroom.
I have already got heating in there and just want it for drying towels.
Space is limited to 400mm wide and I want about 1200mm high in White.


  • sarah1972sarah1972 Forumite, Board Guide
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    Bear in mind that a towel warmer radiator is not designed to dry towels from washing machine wet. I have a very large one and I love it but as the manufacturer told me, they are designed to keep towels warm and slowly dry a shower wet towel but are not designed to be used as a dryer. If anything really wet is placed on them they just create lots of condensation in the bathroom
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  • Cisco001Cisco001 Forumite
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    It would be easier to get a radiator airer for that purpose.
  • moonpennymoonpenny Forumite
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    I only want to dry them off after a shower.
    At the moment I put them over my small bathroom radiator or bring them downstairs to put on my large kitchen rad which is a pain.

    I don't have a problem with condensation as I use a fan but I always open the window after a shower anyway.

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