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Simple civil partnership?

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What is the simplest way of registering for a civil partnership?   Is it simply register - wait 28 days - "standard ceremony" at a registary office?    Thanks!
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  • FireflyawayFireflyaway Forumite
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    Pretty much. I used to work at the local council and sometimes people in the office would be asked to act as witnesses as some couples literally invited nobody. They used to do special bargain deals if you got married on a week day in  small office as opposed to weekends in the ceremony room. 
  • Mrs_RyanMrs_Ryan Forumite
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    Yes. I had the full ceremony for mine but there are simple registrations available. You need to give the prescribed 28 days notice and then you can make an appointment to sign the schedule with your partner. You don’t even have to have the full ceremony, just the legal declaration then sign the schedule and that’s it. 
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    EdythEdyth Forumite
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    We are doing a simple midweek 'signing' we are rocking up at 0900 and it's going to take 15 mins - two witnesses, no one else knows. no room booked, no flowers, no family, no fuss. We then are taking our two lovely witnesses to an event then very a fancy lunch with flowers and presents for them  - thanking them for taking a days annual leave.

    (We have already registered over 28 days ago, the whole shebang cost under £100) in fact the lunch is going to cost more than the whole process! 

  • k6chrisk6chris Forumite
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    Perfect, thanks all.   We too are planning a BBQ / party after the event, but want a really simple registration.   Good luck everyone too!
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