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Supermarket Snobbery

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I used to love my posh supermarket.  I loved the perk of free coffee and the good customer services and pleasant vibe.  I have shopped there less and less over the last couple of years but I still buy certain items from there regularly and loyally.

I went in today to get a few bits and as I was getting my coffee perk a member of staff came up to me and virtually accused me of stealing the coffee!  I pointed out I was still at the coffee machine and was about to do my shop as I always do.  I said I had always got the coffee first and nobody had ever mentioned at the tills I should swipe the card before getting the coffee.  As the coffee machine was at the entrance I assumed you got it first.  He was very rude and accusing and I felt very embarrassed. 

My embarrassment soon turned into anger as it hit me why he had spoken to me the way he did.  I had just been on a very muddy walk with the dogs and I had tatty walking boots and scruffy joggers on with mud splatters all over them.  I am 100% certain if I had a business suit on we wouldn't have had the conversation or if we had it would have gone very differently.

So it got me thinking about how judgemental society is generally and I am (I think to be honest I can be a bit).   Although I do like to give people the benefit of the doubt and in his position I would have probably waited to see if the person headed for the exit or went to do their shopping.

So posh supermarket its over for me and you...  this was the final nail in the coffin and I have found one less judgemental (and cheaper) in Ald1


  • MrsLurcherwalkerMrsLurcherwalker Forumite
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    Our local branch of that chain changed the rules on the free coffee almost 2 years ago before we moved from Hampshire and it was required that you used your store card at the checkout before getting your cup for the free coffee and could produce a receipt if challenged to prove you were a genuine shopper.  They also had the coffee machine just inside the entrance right beside customer services and I saw many people get the same cavalier treatment from the staff.  There was, in defence of the company, a very small notice to the effect that you had to go through the checkout before getting coffee but it was not prominent and although displayed beside the coffee machine was with many other printed notices stuck in the same area of wall.  Not good customer service at all!
    You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself!

    Ours is not to wonder what is fair in life but finding what may be, make it up fair to our needs.
  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    Customer Service is almost the only thing that stores like Waitrose and others have to offer over the so-called 'discounters'.  Treating their customers like this is just shooting themselves in the foot.
    I find that both the number and quality of staff is deteriorating. Like M&S before it, the better working conditions at John Lewis are being eroded so it's not so attractive to work there any more. 
  • baggins11baggins11 Forumite
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    I totally agree they are shooting themselves in the foot.  Especially when you consider that as far as I am aware there is no minimum spend to get the coffee so if I was going in just for the coffee as he was suggesting I could have just bought a banana and been within my rights to get the coffee.  So they have lost a customer because of potentially the price of a banana!

    I suspect there are no signs up in my local as when I questioned why no member of staff has ever mentioned before I shouldn't get the coffee before getting my shopping he said I should have read the terms of the loyalty card which are displayed on the website.   I am more than happy to obey the rules and would have welcomed him telling me I am doing it wrong but I was shocked that he was insinuating I had no intention of making a purchase.

    Its just nice to treat people the way you would hope to be treated.
  • balabooberliesbalabooberlies Forumite
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    Miss Islandmaid
    GIT !
    such a good word..........
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