IVA Practitioner has submitted a PPI claim without my knowledge, can they do this?

Hi, I'm new to this forum, but thought I would see if anyone else has experienced what I have just experienced:
I was subject to an IVA that came to an end back in September 2011, Grant Thornton at the time were the IVA Practitioners.  I received a certificate of due completion stating that the IVA had finished after we made a full and final offer after the IVA ran for 5 years.  I think in the end the creditors received 32p in the £.  Today I received a letter from Barclaycard saying that my complaint has been upheld, and they have agreed that I was mis-sold PPI and they will provide a refund of £7,500.  This made me smile, as I was not expecting anything.  However, as I continued to read the letter  they stated that their records show that I was subject to an IVA and a cheque would be payable to Aperture Debt Solutions LLP.  
Now, I have never heard of this company, but when I googled them, it appears Grant Thornton were or are now linked to this firm.  Now I have 2 questions.  
1) I never submitted a case for miss selling of PPI, partly due to the fact that I know some of the money I owed was written off, and it didn't feel right that I should claim for something that was ultimately written off.  Can they submit a claim for miss selling without my knowledge?
2) Should the cheque be going to my IVA practitioner. ( I say my IVA Practitioner but Aperture were never my IVA practitioners)?  After all I completed the IVA almost 10 years ago now, and have a letter stating that their duties are complete and that the arrangements have been fully implemented.

Its not a small amount of money, and I feel that this cheque would just go into the coffers of Aperture who I have never appointed or asked to reclaim PPI on my behalf.  It would be nice to have this paid to me instead.  Where do I stand?  anyone else had anything similar happen to them?



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    Grant Thornton relaunched as Aperture in 2015, so same firm different name.
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