Do you have any advice for me, the groom? I get married in 5 months.

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Do you have any advice for me, the groom? I get married in 5 months.

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Folks, I am getting married in 5 months time. I wondered if anyone had any good advice for preparing for the big day, suggestions about things we may have forgotten, or your tips for a happy marriage?

Everything seems to be ticking over nicely and we're staying on top of the finances (though they did escalate quickly and so much more than we ever anticipated). 
we're putting off the honeymoon until next year. 

Thanks in advance.



  • onwards&upwardsonwards&upwards Forumite
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    Turn up on time, brush your teeth. 
  • Robin9Robin9 Forumite
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    Concentrate on the day, those moments when you commit to one another. That's the important bit - everything else is just a show.

    34th anniversary coming up. Met on holiday. She said Yes in the May, married in October - 
    Never pay on an estimated bill
  • pickledonionspaceraiderpickledonionspaceraider Forumite
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    That is wonderful news and I have to say, getting married to my Husband is one of my best decisions.  so my only tip is BE SURE you have the right person - that is the most important thing I can think of

    One other thing would be relating to the wedding is 'other peoples opinion of it'. It seems to me, from my own experience of wedding planning (and our families), and from being around these forums for years - is that some people seem to become quite hysterical / judgemental - when a wedding is mentioned. Even if you are paying for everything yourself, be prepared for some people to feel they can make demands and judgements about it 

    If we were getting married tomorrow, I would probably really want to elope. 

    With love, POSR <3
  • HampshireHHampshireH Forumite
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    Best tip do what you want! Not what others want.

    We did out wedding on 6k last year. It was amazing & affordable. We had lovely feedback and for both of us it was the happiest day. Everyone commented on how truly happy we looked (obviously we look miserable the rest of the time  :p ) & everyone came which meant the world to us.

    The most important thing for us was neither of us were nervous which was great as it made it all so easy and chilled out.
  • swingalooswingaloo Forumite
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    Enjoy the day, don't stress about little things which are trivial. No one will remember if one of the favours are missing or if there is a mark on your jacket or the brides bouquet has a wilting flower in the middle of it. But they will remember if either of you look miserable and unhappy about it on the day. Its one day and it will fly by faster than you can imagine, remember to enjoy every minute. Any mishaps will be a talking point and something you will laugh about in years to come.

    As for after the wedding- Always talk to each other, don't have secrets or take each other for-granted and when there are tough times always remember why you married each other. 
    Congratulations and have a great day.
  • gomergomer Forumite
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    Use contraception.
  • FireflyawayFireflyaway Forumite
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    I agree with the comments about doing what makes you happy, not doing what you think is expected. Also don't have a stag do / drinks the night before the wedding! You want to be looking and feeling great not hung over. 
    As for marriage. It's not always easy because you will have to face challenges that you have not yet encountered. Job loss, illness, kids, family dying, financial challenges etc. My tip is good communication and don't let life get in the way too much especially if you have kids. Make time to be a couple. 
  • MX5huggyMX5huggy Forumite
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    If you’re clean shaven, don’t use a new blade on the day. Use one that you have used 2 or 3 times before, less likely to have a cut or rash.
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    pickledonionspaceraiderpickledonionspaceraider Forumite
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    Tg :s
    With love, POSR <3
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