Does anyone use or take CBD products or oils?

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Does anyone use or take CBD products or oils?

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Keep seeing CBD everywhere in articles and even our local health food had it advertised in the window.
Does anyone here use CBD oil in anything (coffee, cakes etc) and most important of all, what is the feeling you get from taking it!
My cannabis smoking days are long over, but interested to hear thoughts on this latest "craze"


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    Kevin5566Kevin5566 Forumite
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    I use CBD oil. It helps me to reduce stress and beat my insomnia. After taking it I feel relaxed. Also I've recently looked through CBD reviews and found out about ice-cream with a CBD infused treat. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm going to. It might be delicious  :)  
  • sophiaisabellasophiaisabella Forumite
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    Since last month, I was not feeling well due to anxiety. One day, my friend told me about CBD products for anxiety, but I was worried about using it. I reviewed on the internet and got that these are natural products. Now, I sleep well and do my work properly.
  • TeodorBlaickTeodorBlaick Forumite
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    I used CBD oil, but I didn't notice any changes, so I've given up. I think all these facts about CBD oil are illusions.
  • prowlaprowla Forumite
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    I got a load of junk emails about it and decided it was snake oil.
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    BrowntoaBrowntoa Forumite, Board Guide
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    This thread does attract a lot of spammers

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  • QuackQuackOopsQuackQuackOops Forumite
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    I tried it, it was useless.
    My Mother tried it, she said it was useless
    My other half tried it, said it was useless.
    My daughter tried it, she said it was useless.

    So I did some research with real people and I have yet to meet anyone who has used it and say it works well.

    You might as well use olive oil.
  • ka7eka7e Forumite
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    I have used CBD oil occasionally for anxiety and it has definitely helped. No "feel good" rush, just helps clear my head and I can put things in perspective. I use a brand that advocates using a low dose and build up until you find the "sweet spot" that works for you. They believe many brands are too potent and can actually exacerbate symptoms. Their FB page has lots of information and personal experiences. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SimplyCBD

    "Cheap", "Fast", "Right" -- pick two.
  • AmyPangAmyPang Forumite
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    I tried on my acne proven skin as it was recommended for acne. I got some improvement from other remedies I have been using. Anyway, It's not suitable using any medication without professional advice as the same medication may react differently on different people
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