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  • DiamondLilDiamondLil Forumite
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    I have isas with IWeb; I've sold some investments and purchased others, all within the isa. Once sold, the proceeds stay as cash in the isa until I decide to buy something else. The funds never leave the isa wrapper so no allowances are lost. Been doing this for years.
  • slingaslinga Forumite
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    Thanks both.
    So just to confirm, I sell 'x' number of units, wait for notification of the monetary amount in GBP sold, then buy whatever new ISA I want again for a monetary amount.
    If there is still some cash left over from the sale that stays in my account as ISA cash until I decide what I want to do with it.???
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  • masonicmasonic Forumite
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    Yes @slinga exactly. You can leave uninvested cash in a S&S ISA without it losing its ISA status, although you won't receive any interest on uninvested cash.
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    If you sell from your ISA the cash stays in the ISA for reinvestment, if you sell from your unwrapped it stays in unwrapped. If you want the ISA cash elswhere you do an ISA transfer from the new provider and it stays tax protected.
  • benbay001benbay001 Forumite
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    slinga said:
    wait for notification of the monetary amount in GBP sold
    Just to be safe, i would wait until the bit in red displays the ammount you intend to invest, rather than relying upon sold emails.

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