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How to earn from market research - MSE Team Blog Discussion

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MSE_KelvinMSE_Kelvin MSE Staff
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If you’re willing to give your views on anything from Fantasy Football to chocolate spread or luxury cars, you could walk away with £50-£150 from taking part in a market research focus group. The best bit is you don't need any special skills or knowledge - you just need to be yourself. 

Read MSE Jenny's full blog:
How to earn from market research focus groups


  • kevinburrowkevinburrow Forumite
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    These are usually based in big cities, which is the only problem for those not very near any.
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  • MollyDollyMollyDolly Forumite
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    Thank you for the read, I really should apply for more of the focus groups.  I've taken part in several over the years and they pay really well, often cash in hand.  My favourite was 2 hours discussing/testing  drinks such as Innocent in Manchester for which I received £100.  I am signed up to several mentioned in Jenny's blog and a few others besides but I often forget to apply/respond.  Thanks for the renewed enthusiasm. :)
  • ladymoneymagnetladymoneymagnet Forumite
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    Hi does anyone have experience of prolific?
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  • behelpfulbehelpful Forumite
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    I've recently signed up to the recommended focus groups; here are my experiences
    • signing up to Angelfish and Bunnyfields: they don't recognise you pressing the Submit button in Firefox, but do in Edge. Who tested your web pages guys!
    • they collect demographic information at sign up
    • some allow you to search the website for opportunities, some don't
    • you will get emails about demographically irrelevant opportunities
    • in responding to opportunities you will have to fill in your demographic information all over again! Every time!

  • silvercarsilvercar Forumite, Board Guide
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    Hi does anyone have experience of prolific?
    There is a whole thread running on prolific. Generally it is very good for small earnings, the average reward is probably under £1, but it all adds up.
    You need to enter a lot of data when you register, but prolific guarantee that once you are accepted on a survey you won't be thrown out on the basis of further demographics.
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