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M&S Flowers for Valentines - Yodel!!!!!!!!

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M&S Flowers for Valentines - Yodel!!!!!!!!

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So annoyed. My OH ordered me flowers for Valentines as he always does, from M&S who use Yodel. Delivered to my place of work. I normally leave at 4pm so when they text him to say estimated delivery time of parcel was 3-5pm this afternoon he let me know so I could stay on at work. No issue.
Now they have just said that delivery is delayed until 5.35-7.35!!!! Well my office is shut for a start from 5pm. So I could sit here in my car in the car park hoping he will try to deliver. But just as easily he may not even bother turning up as he knows there is no-one in. I physically cannot be in the office between 7pm tonight and 7am Monday morning (even if I wanted to)

Predictably their online chat is Unavailable due to demand. £60 of dead flowers waiting for me Monday i guess   :(
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  • PollycatPollycat Forumite
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    That's very disappointing.
    I avoid Yodel wherever possible.
    I'd expect a full refund from M&S.
    Let us know how it goes.

  • lindenslindens Forumite
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    They eventually delivered at 19.04 but i don't know who to as there is no-one at the office. They will have to sit there til Monday now - wherever there is!
    Unfortunately M&S use several couriers and you don't have a choice as to which one you're going to get.
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  • craftingmadcraftingmad Forumite
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    Did you find the flowers lindens? Hope you can still get enjoyment from them x  
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