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Trying to contact Sports Direct

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Hey there, I am starting this discussion as I have reached a dead end and not quite sure what to do. I ordered 4 items from Sports Direct, one of them being a barbell complete with weights. They delivered the other 3 items fine but the only thing I received of the barbell was the metal pole. No weights. I tried ringing customer service but the only two numbers I can find online don't work. So I emailed them instead. I got no reply for a week until I chased them, it was then back and fourth for 3 days arranging for weights to be delivered (they did offer me a refund, but at this point they seemed like they were being very helpful and therefore decided to have another delivery). A few days later, frustratingly I had delivered another metal bar, no weights. I emailed them last Friday to complain and asked for a refund. Ive had no reply this week, emailed them yesterday (Wed) and again today saying I will take further action if I don't get a reply but still nothing. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do? 


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    Go for a letter, mark it is complaint then if no luck try a LBA letter.
    Have you tried contacting them on twitter ?
    Your issue OP is why I'll never use SportsDirect website or the shop.
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    Thanks, I've tweeted them and they replied on Friday asking for my order number to look into it. I guess my option at the minute is to see if I get anywhere it this week. I will never go near this store ever again!
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