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Likely IPA Amount

edited 12 February at 2:21PM in Bankruptcy & Living With It
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barryboyxbarryboyx Forumite
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edited 12 February at 2:21PM in Bankruptcy & Living With It
I've just completed the StepChange calculator and calculates that once I've have paid my priority household bills, you have £ 228 available each month.  This includes £255 of PIP income every 4 weeks.  I've not included private treatments, such as chiropractor and massage which is pretty much what I use my PIP income for.
How likely is it that my IPA amount would match the £228, as calculated by StepChange as my available money per month?
Thanks in advance
[EDIT: Just noticed that I didn't include my monthly petrol bill (Motability car) for commuting, which is roughly £120/month, leaving £108 as my available money per month]


  • devon_guydevon_guy Forumite
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    It depends if you sole income is made up of benefits or not.  If it is then there will be no IPA.  If you work but also claim benefits then all the income will be taken into account.
  • barryboyxbarryboyx Forumite
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    Thanks Devon_guy - I also work, so the PIP is about 15% of my income.  That said - my contract only runs until August, so I may be out of work from then :neutral:
  • mwarbymwarby Forumite
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    You could try adding the private treatsments to your SOA, I think it would come down to wether you require these or not, and if there are alternatives on NHS. This section of insolvency manual may help you '31.7.122 Health care provision, including dentists and opticians' but it's like to come down to the ORs judgment once discussion has taken place
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    thevdmthevdm Forumite
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    edited 18 February at 4:09PM
    From what I gather, if you are in receipt of PIP you can simply put down "Adult care costs" to the same value of the PIP. See here -
    If you haven't included any of the care costs from pip in your SOA then your available each month is £-27 which would mean you don't have enough for an IPA.

    There is also a certain floor in how much you have excess before you will be asked to pay an IPA, for instance if the IPA costs £750 to set up and you have less than £250 a year excess then it would cost more to setup an IPA than would be received making it not worth their time.
    I may be wrong sometimes, I learn a little every time I'm corrected.
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