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Letter From Intrum

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I was adjudicated Bankrupt in January 2018 and discharged in January 2019.  I've just received a letter from a debt collection company called Intrum.  It's for an overdraft on a bank account and a credit card with the same bank.  Both debts were included in the bankruptcy.  Neither debt appears on my current credit report.
My question is how should I respond to this?  I could write them off as chancers hoping to scare someone into paying and do nothing.  Or I could contact them and explain I'm bankrupt etc etc.  Going down this route I don't think there's any point in phoning them as the call centre probably has a script or even if they did agree with me without something in black and white it's useless.
So I'd write them a letter, same info as this post.  I was made bankrupt, discharged, see copies of forms attached, any further question refer to the Official Receiver.  I don't know how hard to go at them though. I am considering putting a request that they acknowledge in writing that the debt no longer exists.  Ask them to respond within 28 days or I launch a complaint with Information Commisioner's Office?  Is this the sort of thing they'd deal with? A company holding incorrect records about me?



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    I was just coming on here to look for some advice regarding this company. I went bankrupt 3 years ago. I have just logged into my credit report and saw that Intrum have marked a default date and missed payment date as 4 months after I was declared bankrupt. I contacted them to say this was incorrect and they have agreed with me. They said they will edit the credit report to show the default date as the month of my bankruptcy. However, I suspect they bought this debt (from Virgin)  after I went bankrupt. (Is that allowed?) 
    Anyway, I have an email address for them if you’d like it.. [email protected]

    hope you get it sorted. 

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    A simple letter to them, with copy of the bankrupcy order, solves everything, no need to over complicate it, "go in hard" etc.,.., these things happen and is clearly an admin error.
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    However, I suspect they bought this debt (from Virgin)  after I went bankrupt. (Is that allowed?) 

    My letter states the date on which the debt was bought which was before my bankruptcy.

    I wrote a letter and sent it recorded delivery.  I put in a line asking them to inform me in writing within 28 days that the debt was no longer owed.  Just in case they get awkward about it it gives me a time frame to then take it further if required.  I also emailed a copy to them to the compliance address.  I got an auto reply asking for more information like date of birth etc for 'security' reasons.  The email stated if I didn't respond they wouldn't reply via email but would instead write to me.  This is what I want anyway so I didn't give them the extra info they were looking for.

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    Insolvency debts, bankruptcy debts, debts subject to a DRO, get sold on all the time.

    There is always someone out to make a quick buck, should the Bankruptcy/DRO or IVA, whatever it may be, fail.

    They take a gamble that the arrangement you have entered gets revoked, then they can chase you for the money, they will anyway, why wouldn`t they, that`s what they do, as long as you have been dis-charged, they have no remedy against you, a copy of your dis-charge certificate is all that`s needed.
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