First Party Fraud??? CIFAS Marker v HELP!

Hello! So I’m new to the forum here! Read the weekly emails from MSE but only just signed up to the forum and after some advice! :)

I’ve just found out after about 2 years that I have a CIFAS marker against my name. It was put there by Sky when I moved into a house and took out broadband with them. The first payment was cancelled as my credit card was used fraudulently (so all transactions within a day of it were cancelled) so I rung up to pay them with a different card. They refused and said they had a duty to investigate all fraud cases. Fair enough.... 

However long story short Sky are being absolutely useless (I can’t get through to anyone in England who is helping or willing to look into it) and they won’t remove the marker. It turns out the first cancelled payment was paid back to Sky anyway by the credit card company a month later as I obviously told them (the credit card company) that the Sky payment wasn’t fraud. 

Sky have said to remove the marker they need a letter from the bank (which I have already provided).

So I have a few questions! Any advice on where to go? Citizens advice maybe? Do professional solicitors in the field of credit / banking exist?! I can honestly prove and show it was not fraud if someone would just look at it sensibly rather than saying ‘Computer Says No’ 😂

in the meantime of it getting removed, I know it affects credit, but does it affect getting insurance (like car insurance)? 

Finally If worst comes to worst, I understand it lasts for 6 years - after those 6 years is it completely removed or is there still some sign of it?! 

Thank you!! 


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    You should go to and register a formal complaint with rthem about Sky's conduct. No-one reporting that their card has been used fraudulently should face being branded as a fraudster. Sky cannot have had sufficient proof to report thois to the Police (which is the standard of proof required) If Cifas and Sky refuse to remnove the marker, go to the Financial Ombudsman and seek compensation as well.You can also complain to the Information Commissioner that the data is inaccurate and they refuse to remove it.
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