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I've had some unfortunate luck in the last few years, namely being diagnosed with an incurable disease and being off work for a year! I racked up a bit of debt and pay day loans.

Anyway I'm back on track now and looking to squish this debt within a year so I can then save for a house afterwards, some of the payments have defaulted but by the time I have the money for a deposit they will have dropped off! I'm 26 with no kids.

They are as follows: The top two I will pay off in the next month and then the other 4 are split over a year.

Dot Dot Loans £237.21 - Paying off today
Safety net credit- £924 - Will be paid off by the 6th of March- £200 per week
PRA -1538.37 £129 per month (12 months)
Moorcroft- £1715.97 £133 per month (12 months)
Capital one #2- £1631.16 £136 per month (12 months)
Salary Finance- £3000 £250 per month (12 months)

That should be it all paid, unless there is any lingering payments right at the end and I'll do that in month 13.
After that I'm following a UK modified version of the Dave Ramsey baby steps:
If I follow it correctly I should have 30,000 in a lifetime ISA, an additional 30,000 in savings in 5 years and I plan to pay my mortgage (20% deposit planned) off in 14 years, whilst also saving into my pension/continuing to live debt free.
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