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Hi I’d appreciate any guidance please. My dad had ppi with Cheltenham and Gloucester ( now Lloyd’s) on a mortgage from around 20 years ago. He’s been turned down for a refund on the basis that there’s no evidence of employee benefits that he did have at that time. Unfortunately Dad is not well and his memory and cognitive functions are permanently impaired so I’ve been dealing with this matter for him albeit he can still put his name to letters and hold phone conversations with support from me. He doesn’t however have any evidence to prove these benefits were in place though I know they will have been. Is there anything we can do to appeal the decision ?


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    Provide evidence. If he can’t, it’s game over, thanks for playing.

    Rest assured though that MPPI has the lowest uphold rate so he’s in good company with a lot of people who have had their complaints successfully defended.
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    He’s been turned down for a refund on the basis that there’s no evidence of employee benefits that he did have at that time.

    The banks built up a database of employer benefits from many companies over the near 20 years of PPI complaining. So, often they dont need evidence. However, if what the complainant says is different to their database or the employer is not in their database, then usually you need to provide evidence of benefits.

    The other problem, in particular with MPPI, is that most MPPI plans pay out in addition to employer benefits. So, whilst employer benefits can be a good reason for loan and credit card PPI (unsecured and short term) it does not play well with MPPI. You see the FOS reject complaints on MPPI when people have 12 months sick pay. So, its not a strong reason in most MPPI complaints.
  • As said above MPPI was considered a very valuable and useful product, as such the threshold for upholding on these cases was very high - out of curiosity what level of employee benefits did you claim, many have tried to suggest 12 months or more sick pay in the past, however this usually a fairytale as there are perhaps a handful of jobs that would payout to that extent and usually reserved for very senior roles.

    Even if evidence could be supplied of ‘amazing’ benefits this would not seem MPPI to be mis-sold on its own I’m afraid.
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