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Like thousands of others I was last minute in claiming PPI. In fact it was 27th August 2019, two days before the deadline and used Resolver to make the Claim!
I had no acknowledgement from the bank involved (HSBC) and sent a follow up email on 3rd October and 18th October and eventually ( so I believe) Escalated the claim to the Ombudsman on 24th October.
I eventually got through (after several wrong department phone calls) to the PPI claim team at HSBC who informed me that they never received the original claim, but received the consequent follow up e mails (3rd & 18th Oct.) on 1st Nov. 2019
It is quite frustrating that you can only communicate with resolver by e mail in their 'complaints' page, however they replied and insisted that the claim left their server on 27th August 2019
This claim has now stalled because both sides will not move forward, HSBC say they have asked for the Claim to be resent/Resolver say they sent the original on 27th August!
Does anyone have any idea where I can go from here! I am appalled at the intransigence of both sides and the frustration of not being able to communicate with RESOLVER on a real time basis.


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    Your problem is with resolver [ which usually doesn't] not HSBC. HSBC are being quite reasonable in asking for proof the complaint was sent prior to the deadline, they are not being instransigent at all. This was your complaint, you should have complained directly to them not involved a middle man.
    If Resolver did send the complaint in time then make a complaint to them. And ask them to send it again.
    There's nothing else you can do, and you cannot force HSBC to look at a complaint that they didn't receive.

    Anyone who came here was warned not to use Resolver because they are notoriously hit and miss about sending complaints.
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  • Thanks, unfortunately I missed the warning but have asked RESOLVER to resend the original claim but no reply as yet. It's interesting that HSBC received subsequent emails from the same file. HSBC simply want ptoof that the claim was made before the deadline. A simple request you would think!
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    PerkiA wrote: »
    unfortunately I missed the warning but have asked RESOLVER to resend the original claim but no reply as yet
    Resolver is just an E-mail template and there is no one guiding or monitoring the progress of your complaint. Neither will Resolver accept any liability for E-Mail complaints which failed to send. HSBC cannot be held responsible either.
    With regard "re-sending" a complaint which was never sent in the first place, you do realise that you are receiving automated responses? Is there even a copy of your complaint saved on your Resolver account?

    I think you are going to really struggle with this, especially given it's six months since the complaint deadline.
  • All communications are contained within my file on the RESOLVER account, in particular the original claim and the files uploaded for attachment.
    I have spoken to HSBC and they will process the claim if RESOLVER send proof that the claim was made before 29th August. Simply requires resending!
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    HSBC are not asking you to simply resend the complaint... they are asking for evidence that Resolver submitted this complaint to the correct email address by the relevant deadline. Given Resolver’s proven track record for not sending complaints to correct email addresses or sometimes not sending at all this may not be so simple I’m afraid - whilst this may be an error by Resolver this would not be HSBCs problem
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    You can download the complaint file and submit that directly yourself but as above, HSBC could have very easily said no. They’re doing you a solid.
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