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Hi there,

Back in 2019 I booked a holiday that was due to start coming out of my account as a direct debit from 01/10/2019. The holiday company in fact took the direct debit 1 month early on the 01/09/2019. I called the company and requested a refund (they tried to wriggle out of it) in the end I had to cancel the holiday to be able to get any kind of refund. After quite some time of waiting I called them again and they tried to come up with excuses as to why/when the money would be returned.
I then said to the lady on the phone that I could not wait any longer for this money as my rent had bounced and I needed it back, I advised over the phone that I was going to apply for a direct debit indemnity. The direct debit indemnity went into my account the next day.
it is now some 4 months later and they have advised that they sent the refund also and I need to pay it back asap. I just want to know my rights with this? do I need to pay it all back in one hit? why some 3 months later they have now realised their mistake? They would have received the DD indemnity from my bank back in September so shouldn't they have disputed it back then?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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