I'll be writing in this forever.

A diary seems like a good idea as I have nobody to talk to about debts. I just think quietly. This is almost at least like thinking out loud.

Felt like my world was going to implode today. Opened a letter (first I have opened in about six months). Had a second wind... Emailed a few people. I don't know why I am feeling "OK" right at this very moment, but I summoned something from somewhere.

Debts I know about:

I have paid £2 each today to PRA Group and Lowells.
I couldn't work out how to do an online payment for Robinson Way. I have emailed them.

Tomorrow I might feel in control.
I might feel how I did a few hours ago.

Scared and confused but all I can do is find out what's going on and start paying right?

£4 down. This is going to be a long diary.


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    Good luck on your journey xx
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    well done. you feel better as you have fought back some control at last. It's a good feeling isnt it?

    one step at a time. start by gathering up from all the hiding places, all the unopened and opened letters and statements and put them in a pile

    then when you feel strong open a couple, start grouping them together as you open them, into the same debtor piles.

    at some point the pile will have gone!. Then you can attack each pile seperately and fine the latest statement and there you have your balances etc. You could also get this from looking at all 3 of the credit references agencies

    Then you need to take a look at all of your outgoings - gather together council tax, salary info, energy bills and put together an SOA
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    Good luck with your journey.
    You have started to deal with it all and that is a great step :)
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  • Good luck with your journey, The first few steps are the hardest.

    You can do this :)
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  • Good luck. Def keep posting here, it helps with sanity! Also there is a lot of knowledge and advice to be had!
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    Well done for taking the first step, a diary is a great place to help with focus, motivation, and find advice and like minded people to travel on your journey with.

    Wishing you all the success on your journey. Stick with it!:j
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