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Hi, I'm looking for some advices.
Now, the situation is a bit complicated, let's see if I can explain it.
A friend of mine moved to England from Romania 3 years ago. He get a job straight away and his boss was even his landlord. Now, it was a bit doggie, no contract for the house nor for the job, and to be honest he didn't even speak English very well at that time. Never paid the council tax, never knew he had to pay a council tax.
So at some point 2 bailiffs knocked at his door and he had a massive fee to pay. He paid. His landlord moved him to another house, and that was April 2019, and finally his English was good enough and he spoke to his landlord about the council tax. The guy said he was sorting it out for him. Again, no house contract. Again, never paid the council.
Now he moved to a new house, different landlord, different job with a legal contract and he even applied for the presettle status. He scared about the council tax from last April till last month (when he finally moved out), he would like to sort everything out legally, bit he's scared he will go to prison. Is it possible?
Shall we go to citizens advice and explain everything? Or to the council?
Thank you very much


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