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Top 10 selling cars of 2019 and electrification

edited 19 January 2020 at 8:57PM in Green & Ethical MoneySaving
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edited 19 January 2020 at 8:57PM in Green & Ethical MoneySaving
It should be possible to build a huge number of plug in electric vehicles
These can be existing models electrified with 10-15KWh of batteries depending on the size of vehicle

We need affordable electrification and plug in hybrids are a pathway to this
The best selling cars in the UK 2019 were as follows with prices off carwow

1: Fiesta £13,800
2: Golf £17,500
3: Focus £18,000
4: Corsa £14,000
5: A Class £20,500
6: Qashqai £18,000
7: Kuga £21,900
8: Mini £18,000
9: Polo £12,700
10: Sportage £16,200

All but two models £18,000 or less. The best seller under £14,000


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    We need electrified versions of the above for no more than max £4,000 above these prices ideally no more than £2,000 above these prices. The problem is that these models aren't all that much more energy efficient than a big car so they need significant battery packs to be full electric and have reasonable range

    The e golf for instance has a 36KWH pack and only gets 90 miles on the motorway it's not good enough and that's a car that costs £26,500 before subs Vs the average of the top 10 selling cars in the UK costing a mix adjusted ~£16,000

    The next Gen EV the ID3 is supposedly going to be £27,000 and will get 200 miles on the motorway
    That is definitely progress but it's still far too expensive. But the price point has to get much closer to £20,000 even if it means reducing the motorway range to 150 miles which should be acceptable

    I'm not sure this will be easy with full electrification
    But it can be possible with plug in hybrid technology
    Which today is ~£4,500+Vat to go from a ICE to a plug in Hybrid (as per the price difference between the ford Kuga ICE Vs plug in hybrid Kuga)

    The regulations should be for plug in hybrids not for BEVs
    If the price of plug in hybrid drops from £4,500 to half that so £2,250+VAT then it makes economic sense for every model to be Electrified

    A fiesta Corsa or polo with 50 mile plug in range for ~£16,500 is what is required
    Such cars would be 90-99% electric miles which is good enough
    The other 1-10% can be petrol and in due course bio fuels

    The battery limits and constraints would be much less
    With a small plug in hybrid requiring perhaps 12KWh rather than 60KWh = 5 X as many cars can be Electrified

    Perceived charge problems also go away
    In that a 12KWh battery can be 2h rapid charged on a simple 7.2KW charger or even a 2.5KW 3 pin plug would be fine for a five hour charge overnight
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