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Partner drop out of package holiday

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zaccer49zaccer49 Forumite
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Hi there,
I just need advice/reasurance please. Two of us booked on a package together with TUI. I'm the lead passenger. My partner has left me and wont be coming on holiday. It's too late to cancel without losing every penny. I want to go on my own anyway rather than lose the money. It's too late to change the holiday as well (departure is 12 days away).

Will I be ok to turn up at airport alone with my boarding pass etc?

Will they stop me from boarding alone for any reason?




  • parcivalparcival Forumite
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    Do you have anyone else that could travel as a change of name on the booking might be possible for a fee......

    Otherwise you can travel on your own - the airline won't care as they have been paid.
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    NoodleDoodleManNoodleDoodleMan Forumite
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    TUI will treat it as a "no show" - it's not that uncommon.

    You are good to go.

    As above, do you have a reliable friend who could fill the place - maybe a cut price offer from you would swing the deal and you could recover some of the lost payment ?

    Having talked to numerous TUI reps in resorts over many years - we've heard stories of couples who have experienced major league fallouts on holiday and have had to be seated apart on the return flight.

    I hope it all works out well for you, and have a good holiday.
  • ArchergirlArchergirl Forumite
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    So glad you are going, have a great time xx
  • Mistral001Mistral001 Forumite
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    zaccer49 wrote: »
    Will they stop me from boarding alone for any reason?

    Only if you are at risk of boring the passengers to death by recounting your past relationships. Ref: "Airplane" movie:

    Sorry I could not resist that one.

    Wish you all the best
  • george4064george4064 Forumite
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    As others have already suggested, I would definitely still go on the holiday and see if any of your good friends would like to come with you. Explain to them the situation and allow for them to pay a discounted price rather than simply half..

    Am I right in saying that you have reserved the holiday but not yet paid? However you must pay the full amount even if you cancel.

    If it has been paid already, did you and your partner pay it 50/50? Or did you/your partner pay for the whole holiday?
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