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PCN @ Hillingdon tube station now handed over to ZZPS

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PCN @ Hillingdon tube station now handed over to ZZPS

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mcbearingtonmcbearington Forumite
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Hi all,

First of all, a big thanks for the advice on the NEWBIES thread, really very useful!

So... to why I've started a new thread. I'm not entirely sure as to what to do. In October last year, I received 3 PCNs from NCP. Now, I followed the advice from the newbies thread and appealed all three (they were identical PCNs, just different dates). Strangely, I only ever received one reply from NCP, which I used to appeal to POPLA - NCP then decided not to contest, so this one PCN is no more.

However, I wasn't really sure what happened to the other two - I suppose because they were so similar, I thought NCP had decided to deal with them all at once. However, I was wrong, and now I've received two letters from ZZPS.

I'm not really sure how to go about dealing with these. Can I demand POPLA codes for the other two PCNs? As I said, I did appeal these, though stupidly, I didn't take any screenshots as proof. That said, I'm 100% sure I put them through NCP's site. It seems that for some reason they have ignored the fact that these appeals exist and have gone straight to sending demands for cash.

As I said, I'm not really sure what to do now? I would really, really appreciate some direction at this point.

Thanks so much!


  • pogofishpogofish Forumite
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    Post Four of the Newbies Sticky covers ZZPS completely
  • beamerguybeamerguy Forumite
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    Debt Collectors (DRP & ZZPS) What they don't want you to know
  • The_DeepThe_Deep Forumite
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    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif][FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Nine times out of ten these tickets are scams, so consider complaining to your MP, it can cause the scammer extra costs and work, and has been known to get the charge cancelled.

    Parliament is well aware of the MO of these private parking companies, many of whom are former clampers, and on 15th March 2019 a Bill was enacted to curb the excesses of these shysters. Codes of Practice are being drawn up, an independent appeals service will be set up, and access to the DVLA's date base more rigorously policed, persistent offenders denied access to the DVLA database and unable to operate.

    Hopefully life will become impossible for the worst of these scammers, but until this is done you should still complain to your MP, citing the new legislation.

    [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman, serif][/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman, serif]

    Just as the clampers were finally closed down, so hopefully will many of these Private Parking Companies.[/FONT][/FONT]
    You never know how far you can go until you go too far.
  • Thanks both.

    Yes, I did wonder about the Beavis v ParkingEye being included on their letter.

    To quote "For your information, a Supreme Court ruling has confirmed that a Parking Charge issued on private land is enforceable".

    Part of my appeal to POPLA hinged on the fact that Hillingdon Tube car park is subject to TfL byelaws, so not really sure why they put that in there, other than as a scare tactic? Can we do anything to get back at them and cost them some money? I'm quite furious with this.

    (Posted this before I saw The Deep's response, I will get onto my MP. As I've said, I'm not happy about this at all)
  • RedxRedx Forumite
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    Post #5 talks about reporting them to the BPA due to no reply , no rejection , no popla codes , report both PCN,s online , attach copies of the paperwork and a brief timeline

    Ignore ZZPS

    Do not infer or mention who was driving or what a driver did or didn't do

    The Beavis case does not apply where there are bylaws , except to assist in engaging the Penalty rule
    Newbies !!
    Private Parking ticket? check the 2 sticky threads by coupon-mad and crabman in the Parking Tickets, Fines & Parking Board forum for the latest advice or maybe try pepipoo or C.A.G. or legal beagles forums if you need legal advice as well because this parking forum is not about debt collectors or legal matters per se
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