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IHT 403 Chargeable transfers

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vic_brewervic_brewer Forumite
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My first post to MSE, so I hope this is the correct forum - I’m working through IHT forms for my late dad’s estate. I’m on the schedule about gifts - IHT103. Our situation was that my dad & I lived together from 2005, in his house, and during our time together my dad put the house in our joint names, (back in 2006), and then 6 years before he died, gave me the second half of the house.
So – my question is: I knew gifts within 7 years of his death were important, but on IHT403 there is box 18: “did the deceased make any chargeable transfers during the 7 years BEFORE THE EARLIEST OF THE GIFTS shown at box 7”. What is a “chargeable transfer”?


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