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How can I make sure I get my court date

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How can I make sure I get my court date

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LellypompomLellypompom Forumite
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Like so many people, I am being pursued by Gladstones Solicitors for a PCN for an offence in October 2018. I have just had the standard "we are going to take you to court if you do not phone and pay" letter. I had a valid parking ticket at the time of the offence, they are claiming it was displayed incorrectly (the tickets are fag paper thin, and it was displayed upside down - the print was visible).
I am very happy to take this all the way - it is outrageous that the "independant" body one can appeal to is run by the people that also run Gladstones - but I want to be sure that I get a notification of my court date. I have read so many threads where the CCJ has just turned up, and they were never even aware of the court date and the appeals process.
How can I make sure they send me details of my court date? Registered letter to Gladstones? Any advice would be gratefully received!


  • UmkomaasUmkomaas Forumite
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    There's no guarantee available, but I'd only concern yourself if you move address in the six years following the date of your PCN. If all correspondence to date from the PPC, any debt collectors and now Gladstones have been received at your current address, then I can't see any reason why a letter sent by the county court business centre in Northampton won't arrive with you similarly - they have no reason not to send it to the correct address.
    Please note, we are not a legal advice forum. I personally don't get involved in critiquing court case Defences/Witness Statements, so unable to help on that front. Please don't ask.
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  • The_DeepThe_Deep Forumite
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    Most CCjs issued in absentia are because motorists have moved and not informed the DVLA of their new address. If Gladstones are corresponding with you are your correct address you have little to fear.

    For how much are they asking? Have they added an unlawful £60? If so read this,

    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Nine times out of ten these tickets are scams, so consider complaining to your MP., it can cause the scammer extra costs and work, and in some cases, cancellation.

    Parliament is well aware of the MO of these private parking companies, many of whom are former clampers, and on 15th March 2019 a Bill was enacted to curb the excesses of these shysters. Codes of Practice are being drawn up, an independent appeals service will be set up, and access to the DVLA's date base more rigorously policed, persistent offenders denied access to the DVLA database and unable to operate.

    Hopefully life will become impossible for the worst of these scammers, but until this is done you should still complain to your MP, citing the new legislation.

    Just as the clampers were finally closed down, so hopefully will many of these Private Parking Companies.[/FONT]
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  • waamowaamo Forumite
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    If you move make sure you have postal redirection in place. Also make sure everyone knows your new address.
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  • Thanks for these quick replies - it has put my mind at rest.
    They have added I think more than £60 - the original charge was £60 - they now want £175 to settle. I plan to take it as far as I can - I have just made a data subject access request - a solicitor friend said that would tie them up with paper work, and as they are pretty much a roboclaim firm, they will probably not do it, and then they are in breach of the data regulations. Anything to gather evidence of what they are doing wrong!
  • BrownTroutBrownTrout Forumite
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    A Sar will have no effect on a claim
  • nosferatu1001nosferatu1001 Forumite
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    Who did you send the request to?
    If its solicitors you wont be tying them up, theyll send along the lamost-zero documentation THEY currently hold about you.
  • Coupon-madCoupon-mad Forumite
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    They have added I think more than £60
    No, they haven't. The false sum is £60.
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
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