Being made redundant and panicking about Universal Credit

Hi all...
Please be kind , I’m feeling very fragile :(

My employer is making company wide redundancies and I’m affected along with other colleagues. I’m currently on long term sick for ME.

I’ve had this condition for over 15 years and I’m struggling to keep the symptoms at bay . I suffer awful fatigue daily and I’m in constant pain . I have no social life or hobbies as I don’t have the energy for it .

I only work 12 hours per week but the commute along with the working day is too much for me. I also have a SEN child at home who needs additional care .

My husband and I are on a low income and are in receipt of working tax credits and child tax credits .

I am in receipt of PIP for my condition . I had to fight for this and waited over a year for a tribunal .

I am now absolutely terrified about claiming universal credit :( . I know I will have to fight to prove I’m ill . Especially as I do want to work but I need to work hours that will help me manage my illness .

Will I be forced to get a full time job or be sanctioned?

My husband works but is part time as he needs to help me and also looks after our SEN child . He does not qualify for carers allowance . Will he be forced to up his hours? (This would leave me in dire straights as I can not manage the children on no energy - he also helps me with personal care).

I would love to be able to study to gain some qualifications to help me look for new work , but this needs to be “paced” as I struggle to concentrate due to fatigue .

I’m not going to be able to do this under universal credit am I?

The chances of being put in to the support group are incredibly slim and I’m fine with this , but I don’t want to be forced in to full time hours I am unable to cope with.

I have medical evidence in favour of working reduced hours but this is from years ago , once you have a diagnosis of ME , there is no further support .

The worry about universal credit and how we will survive financially is keeping me up at night and exacerbating my illness .

Please can anyone offer some positive advice ? :beer:


  • My view of UC isn't you are pushed into full time work as there are people supported who don't work full time.

    My Aunt got a 12 hour a week job just over a year ago and gets top up support from UC.

    I'm coming up to 4 weeks unemployed and interview attended back on the 20th December (not that I could do the job when it turned out to be in payroll) didn't even bother to let me know the outcome, I've had employers tell me I live to far away for jobs I probably can do to be considered so fear not.
    In the end it's the only thing that has prompted me to go near a job centre.

    It's only today I've managed to get three future interviews lined up which could go anyway and we're halfway through January really.
  • I think you will be better posting this on the benefits board as they have much more extensive experience.
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    As Blatchford says, check on the benefits board, where the experts hang out.

    It's possible (depending on your NI record over the last few years) that you may be eligible for 'new-style ESA' rather than Universal Credit.
  • Thank you both for your replies .

    I’ll post in the benefits section also .
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