Gambling on credit cards to be banned from April - MSE News

Gambling businesses will be banned from allowing consumers in England, Scotland and Wales to use credit cards to gamble from April...
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'Gambling on credit cards to be banned from April'
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  • Richardda
    It's a step in the right direction. I'm a recovering gambling addict. Unfortunately I used site's like this to find credit. Using the credit card shuffle accessing more credit to fund my habit whilst keeping interest and repayments down. Unfortunately people will still have access to money transfers via credit card offers and you can hide transactions behind PayPal. The other focus point should be game apps. It's an interesting and perhaps worrying observation to make when you see so many similarities between online gambling platforms and the games available for children to access and play.
  • born_again
    born_again Posts: 14,705 Forumite
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    Great news but I can see one way round this already.
    Not going to say what it is. But I'm sure plenty will know what I am referring too.
    Life in the slow lane
  • Ben8282
    Ben8282 Posts: 4,821 Forumite
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    I approve of the principal of this as I don't think that people should be borrowing money to gamble. Using a debit card and gambling with their own money is one thing but borrowing money on a credit card for this purpose is something else entirely.
  • ellykirk
    ellykirk Posts: 14 Forumite
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    I genuinely thought this was already a thing? I worked in bingo early 2000’s and we couldn’t do cash back on ccs then and hubby can’t use cc on online gambling sites?
  • [Deleted User]
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    edited 15 January 2020 at 7:54AM
    Cashback on credit cards is something completely different. This is about using a card at point of sale with a whole category of merchants.

    Selected retailers didn't previously accept credit cards due to the fees.
  • blue.peter
    blue.peter Posts: 1,218 Forumite
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    I was very surprised when I discovered that gambling was allowed on credit cards, and am glad to see that it's being stopped (for reasons set out above by others).

    The way I discovered that it was possible was a bit odd. I logged on to my credit card online banking one morning and discovered fraudulent activity: five transactions of £100 each with a firm of which I'd never heard. I immediately phoned the bank to report it (yes, I'd spotted the fraud before they did), and learnt in the course of that conversation that the firm in question offered online gambling.
  • Tallaght
    Tallaght Posts: 1,632 Forumite
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    As said before,there are ways around it.There should be more effort to stop problem gambling.
  • Loanranger21
    I don't agree with gambling adverts on TV nor in sports sponsorship. It is pernicious and addictive.
  • Malkytheheed
    I don't agree with gambling adverts on TV nor in sports sponsorship. It is pernicious and addictive.
    It's not "addictive" in of itself.
    Some people have addictive personalities. As such should avoid things like drink / drugs and gambling.
  • SharpMind
    Well, this ain't so bad. Gambling is evil.
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