Challenge my tax band or not?

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Hi all. I keep seeing and hearing about challenging counsel tax banding due to how they were initially put together.

I currently rent a small 3 bed detached house in the Warwickshire area. I’ve checked online and realised that all our neighbours are band C but we however are band D. A lot of the surrounding properties are bigger in size and land but do not necessarily have more bedrooms. I believe we’re the only house on the street that is in band D. Also neighbouring properties are of higher value.

We’ve recently had a couple of new build houses developed behind us that affects the value of the property we live in.

Unfortunately when I’ve checked online as to the value of our property in 1991 it does fall in to band D.

Can anyone shed anymore light on this issue as to whether it is worth the hassle of claiming an overpayment of council tax??

Thanks guys


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    The development of two houses behind you will have little affect on its value and no effect on the CT band (millions of houses have other houses behind them). You can appeal on the basis of the houses behind (no 6 month time limit) and hope the band is investigated properly in case there is an anomaly, rather than the appeal be judged purely on the houses behind.

    If you intend staying in the house for a year or two, it may be worth appealing. However the worse case scenario would be if your band was correct and all the others were incorrect.
  • Thanks for your reply.

    The original reason for challenging the bracket is due to us being the only house in that band.

    The houses that have been built behind us has affected the value of the house. The house was valued before and after the new builds were built.

    I wouldn’t want the neighbours to be affected, but I’d like to think ours was incorrectly banded rather than the other 20 homes on the road.
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    If you are only renting, why did you have the house valued twice
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