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MSE Poll: Parcel delivery firms: which are the best and worst?

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MSE Poll: Parcel delivery firms: which are the best and worst?

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Money Saving Polls
Poll started 7 January 2020
Now the festive season is over, Santa finally has the chance to rest – yet for parcel delivery firms (which helped), it's business as usual.

Over the past few years, we've heard a variety of horror stories, ranging from no-shows to mis-delivered parcels and even items being left in the bin.

So it's time for our seventh annual poll to sort the good guys from the bad…
Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below.

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Thanks! :)



  • ALL deliveries are equally poor. Courier training clearly doesn't extend to the basics, such as actually ringing the door bell. Normal procedure seems to be stroking the door, as opposed to knocking it, waiting 3 seconds then assuming I'm not in. With. Ring Video Doorbell, I catch most of them walking up to the door and barely knocking then immediately scribbling on a ticket they shove through the door.

    Even when I do hear the knock, by the time I get down the stairs 20 seconds later the driver is at best already around the back dumping the parcel instead of waiting.

    Worse even than bin men, in this day and age there are vastly more delivery drivers doing less and less of the job.
  • I hate it when they do that, but there are some that manage to find the doorbell and actually use it.

    I was particularly fed up with UPS today though. Their online tracking is awful, giving no real indication when your parcel is out for delivery or not. As such, I missed the driver today, even though their site says delivery is due tomorrow. Naturally he didn't bother with the doorbell!

    DPD are the best, with realtime tracking, email and text notifications on the delivery day, and a 1-hour delivery window. UPS can't even manage a vague delivery time, which is pretty poor these days. Even Hermes can manage a 2-hour window for some deliveries!
  • rossssrossss Forumite
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    It's not just that they don't wait longer than a few seconds for an answer, it's what they do with the parcel that really gets me.

    The number of times I've had deliveries left in the bin at the side of the house is ridiculous. I've had expensive Christmas gifts for people left in the bin touching wet and disgusting things in there, getting all stunk up. Half the time they haven't even chapped the door (we have a dog who kicks off at the first sound of someone at the door, and the livingroom is right behind the door, they do NOT chap it).

    I get that they have a list of deliveries to get through, but wait for someone to answer, or chap a neighbour's door, don't put deliveries in the most unhygenic part of the property like it's somehow safe in there; this is surely one of the first things they should be taught when they start as a delivery driver!
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