Martin Lewis: I averaged 24,322 steps a day (burning 3,800 calories) in 2019 – here's how...


  • This has to be my favourite post that I have ever read on MSE!

    Is anyone else wondering if mini MSE gets to win at games played with Martin?

    Don't you just love the way in one context someone could be classed as having a mental health problem but in another it can do great things! Wouldn't it be great if you could match each mental health problem to an activity that was both productive and brought the person as much pleasure.
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    Impressive!!! And something we should all aspire to.

    However, I've crunched the numbers and I think he's being a bit optimistic about the 3800 calories per day claim.

    Over the year he's done approx. 8000 km, which equates to 5000 miles. Erring on the generous side and say very mile is worth c.150 calories "burnt" to that would amount to 750,000, which div by 365 = 2054 per day.

    He'd have to burn nearer 270 cals per mile to get to 3800 per day, so I doubt it, unless all the miles were uphill wearing a large rucksack!. (100 calories per mile is a more usual rule of thumb)

    Even if we take the lower estimate of 2000 cals per day burnt, that gives an annual "burn" of 730,000, which equates to 208 lbs of fat *, or nearly 15 stone!!!

    So the question would be....would he be 15 stone HEAVIER than he is now, had he NOT done all those steps?? I doubt it!!

    Would be interesting to also know what his calorie consumption has been over the same period?

    * 1lb of fat = 3500 calories.
    How's it going, AKA, Nutwatch? - 12 month spends to date = 2.31% of current retirement "pot" (as at end March 2024)
  • Sea_Shell wrote: »
    Impressive!!! And something we should all aspire to.

    However, I've crunched the numbers and I think he's being a bit optimistic about the 3800 calories per day claim.

    Remember we have a base metabolic rate which means we are burning calories even when we are sleeping or at rest. So if the starting point for an average sized man in a sedentary job is 2000 calories a day then walking 24k steps a day is what earns you the additional calories above base. Does that make sense?

    24k a day is huge. I've been step counting for the past 9 years, starting with the 10k daily target to get fitter after a serious illness. I've got as high as 17k but settled for 15k a year last year aiming for 5 million steps in the year ... that'll do for me!
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    I typed all this as a blog response not realising I needed a facebook account to respond so hope this is an ok place for it.

    I would struggle to walk during meetings as I like to make notes of actions on me or others or any other general points of interest.  How do you get round that or do you just have an amazing memory?  If I make a phone call, even a personal one, I usually ensure I have pen and paper there, just in case someone mentions an upcoming birthday, grannie in hospital or so on, so I can remember to ask about it later.  I know there's quite an accurate one on my phone but I find it uncomfortable to keep in my pocket all day (also it falls out when I go to the loo!!!)

    I'm looking for a good step counter, I have one that's worn on wrist but it only counts when I'm swinging my arms, not when I'm holding a dog lead, or pushing a buggy, or doing housework etc.  Any recommendations gratefully received, not bothered about other functions, just the step counter.

    Congratulations though, it's an amazing thing to do!  (If somewhat obsessive and the maths is way over my head!)

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