Should I officially charge my Son rent

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When my Son started work years ago I asked him to pay rent or £50. This covered his meals, laundry and utilities etc. He then left home for a few years but came back sso I started charging him rent again, still £50. Then he was out of work so I didn't ask him for anything. He was getting around £79 a week in benefit. He found another job but doesn't have regular hours and he won't tell me how much he is earning, but I'm guessing it doesn't work out as much as a full time job. I have now asked him to pay me £30 a week. I am wondering if I should make this official with a rent book. Would he then be able to claim univeral credit with some money towards his rent to me. He couldn't do this before as it wasn't official. My husband and I are retired and don't claim any benefit so it should make any difference to us. Any advice would be welcome or would the CAB be able to help me.


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    Your son wouldn't get any housing benefit / payment towards his rent as he lives at home.

    Nothing stopping him claiming universal credit if he is on a low wage, no guarantee he will receive anything as it depends on his income, but again he wouldn't receive anything towards the rent.
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