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My daughter has decided to live with her father. It was on a trial period but she has been there for six months now and he is asking CSA to get maintenance from me without discussing with me first. I have recently changed jobs to less hours and closer to home and I no longer receive child benefit or his maintenance which was sporadic at best meaning I am on less income and literally have no money at the end of the month to pay anything to him. I have two loans and an ever increasing credit card bill which I use for food shopping. HMRC have informed me that I did not pay enough tax (rather my employer did not) a couple of years ago and from April will have to pay them back £37 a month for a year. So I am struggling and scared and unsure what to do. ....


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    Post a breakdown of your finances , we call it an SOA

    Total income per month and then all outgoings on bills , credit cards etc.

    People will suggest areas where you may cut back
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    Link for an SOA here - format for MSE
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