First time coffee machine user, which coffee machine would you recommend?

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I am looking to buy a coffee machine, for the first time ever. I don't have a specfic budget and could afford a higher end one, but I would say something around £200-300 would suffice. I hear about pod machines aren't so great, so not sure about them. I really don't know much about coffee machines, so I am looking for some guidance here. Would be thankful for some help.


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    Think about the kind of coffee you prefer like to drink to narrow down your machine choices.

    I did exactly this, and worked out I can have my favourite latte just the way I like it using my kettle, microwaves and a £1 :money: investment in this:


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    I went for an Aeropress - very successful, I'm not at all a coffee person but my daughter is and thought the result was pretty good. She has now abandoned her fancy coffee machine and uses the cold brew method which she thinks is better than the traditional methods.
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    De Longhi are a sound make.
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    We have a “DeLonghi MAGNIFICA” and are well satisfied with it.
    I used to be indecisive but now I am not sure.
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    Depends what sort of coffee you like and how much time you have to make it, prep machine, clean machine etc,

    For basic proper coffee a stove top maker is cheap and easy to use.

    For full on a Gaggia or similar, bean to cup, but can be a faff for one cup.

    For a decent coffee which is quick, but potentially expensive per cup a Nespresso or Tassimo. Nespresso currently have their 100 pods free with any machine offer on. Cheaper pods are available.
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    Very vague question!

    There are two main types of coffee machine; filter or espresso.

    Assuming you want good flavoursome coffee, you need an espresso machine.

    A decent domestic machine will cost around £150/£200.

    Domestic machines, used regularly, last about three years in my experience.

    Coffee grinders last a long time. Mine is still going strong after 13 years.

    Don't buy a bean to cup machine. When the pump fails, you will be throwing away the complete unit.

    Go for free standing, not integrated.

    Don't buy a machine that uses pods (Nespresso). They limit the type of coffee you can use. The pods are very expensive. They produce a lot of waste.

    My last three machines have been De Longhi. They make good flavoursome espresso with a good crema.

    A double espresso costs me between 20p (full price) and 12p (when the coffee is on special offer and I have a 20pc off voucher for Waitrose).

    I recommend Percol Espresso Beans. Currently on offer in Waitrose (they frequently are!).

    Grind just enough coffee each time you are making it.

    If you live in a hard water area, descale the machine once a month.


    This is the machine I'm using currently. Widely available at £160. I would certainly buy it again. As well as being functional, it is stylish and half the width of most machines.

    De'Longhi Dedica Style EC 685

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    I've had Nespresso machines and they are fine. Very easy to use and minimal cleaning required.

    They have 24 types of espresso coffee, both blend and single bean which is more than enough choice for most people. Some machines have a built in milk frother others have a stand alone milk frother, which I prefer. They don't do hot chocolate capsules but come out with flavoured coffees a few times a year. I generally don't like those but everyone likes different tastes. Each pod is around 35p and the capsules are aluminium and recyclable.

    If you like hot chocolate, mocha type coffees and milk and coffee capsules then Tassimo machines have a good selection

    For all proprietary brands you get third party manufactured capsules which tend to be cheaper some are perfectly acceptable others not so good.
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