Can't Connect Old Games Console?

I have some old consoles: Atari 7800, Atari Jaguar, Playstation 1 and a megadrive. I wanted to set them up to show the kids but the connection don't match the old computer monitor unfortunately.
I have googled it finding that i might need a converter box (according to Wikihow) but i can't find one on Ebay etc.
Any ideas to how to do this with less hassle or cost?:huh:
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    You don't say what connections the consoles have, but I'll avoid too much speculation and confusion and provide a very cheap or free solution:
    An old CRT TV. Monitors aren't for consoles, they're for computers.

    You're looking for something that has an analogue tuner, if you've got a console with RF modulation.
    The Jaguar, Playstation 1 and Megadrive should all be able to do the yellow, white and red phono plugs, which most TVs should have (even if there are only 2 phonos instead of 3, you'll get mono sound).
    If you're lucky enough to have SCART connectors with the consoles that would be an improvement.
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    I connected my PS1 using scart, I think I either had a direct scart to PS1 cable or it had the red white and yellow connections on the 1 end which went into the relevant holes which had a scart connection other side for the tv like here.

    I don know the PS1 picture was poor compared to what I'm used to now.
  • You could connect to a TV through the RF lead, and if you have SCART connections a cheap SCART to HDMI converter and if you get serious about using these machines there are a whole range of solutions from Framemeister to OSSC and new cables with HDMI connections. It can get pricey though I use a Framemeister to connect old machines to modern screens a bit of investment as it cost around £280 but it was well worth it to me.
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