Would National Express leave me stranded?

I'm taking a coach trip with National Express to get home from Cardiff on Boxing Day. I'll be changing in Birmingham for the last coach of the day back to Northampton. What would happen if the Cardiff > Birmingham coach gets delayed and I miss my connection? There are no later coaches they would be able to put me on and obviously, with it being Boxing Day I'd not be able to get on a train.

Basically, do they have any obligation to make sure you complete your journey if you're stranded due to delays in their service?


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    I believe that if you have a through ticket then they are responsible to get you to your destination. If it's 2 separate tickets then your on your own.

    This happened to me way back in the day. I ended up on a train which NE paid for. Was still a huge hassle though. Nowadays who knows!
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    They may have the obligation - but it may depend on whether there are any staff at Birmingham when you arrive.

    Many years ago (in my student days) a connection totally failed to appear. I took a train, then complained with my unused coach ticket. they offered me a compensation cheque for £1. I sent it back with an indignant letter....
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    As above. If you have bought a straight through ticket then yes they are obliged to ensure you get to your final destination. If you have bought 2 separate tickets then no they are not obliged,
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