So since games these days cost about £50 per game, why not rent them instead? Besides, what’s the difference? Games are played non stop for a month and then sit in a drawer forever.

Here’s what I did - I signed up to Boomerang Rentals ( and got the Priority Plan for £10 a month. That allows me priority on renting any new released game, but also as many games as I want each month (1 game at a time). You choose any game, and receive it next day. And the return packet is the same packet it came in - all prepaid. They have pretty much every game on the planet for each console, 5 star service and excellent at stocking all of the latest games.

And here’s the great thing - if you add a Coming Soon game to your list, it will arrive at your house on release day. Because they have a license to receive the stock before the game is publicly released.

If you do wanna sign up, let me know! Then I can give you my link (I get rewarded :P)

Hopefully this post is allowed, if not - remove it.
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