Treadmill recommendations?

Hi All,

Looking to invest in a treadmill as the council have decided turning off the street lights is a wonder idea and running in the winter is no longer a viable option for me during the week.

I'm thinking either renting one or buying one - does anyone have any brand recommendations?


  • They are expensive clothes horses.
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    well....not if you run on a regular basis.
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    When I looked into it I found that decent quality treadmills are very expensive. My wife has one but I can't use it as the track keeps slipping when I run on it (and the max speed is not as high as I would like).

    I run outdoors on unlit lanes using a headtorch (and reflective top/visibility lights) and that works well for me. Might it be an option for you?
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    I will look in to that thanks!

    I thought they would be pricey - which is why I thought rental might be a better route, especially as it will be seasonal use.
  • i use mine 3-4 times per week in winter for marathon training as i live in a rural area with no street lights and prefer not to run on the dark roads (nor drive to somewhere with street lights), i just do one run at the weekend outdoors to remember what non-treadmill running is like

    main consideration is probably the size of the actual running deck (length+width) go as big as you can and also the motor again bigger the better

    i bought a nordic track (other brands available) four years ago for about £700 new and it's never given me any trouble, only maintenance is a monthly squirt of lube

    i figured even if it only lasted a couple of years it was no more expensive than joining a gym just to use a treadmill and there's the benefit vs. a gym you don't have to travel outside your house to use it + you can do what you want so running half naked with tunes blaring etc. if that's your thing
  • Wouldn't a head torch be a cheaper option if your only thing stopping you running outside is a lack of light?
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  • in my case potentially crap winter weather (ice for example) and also rural roads with no streetlights where people have a habit of driving at 70 mph were both reasons to plump for the comfort/convenience of a treadmill for winter training purposes
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    I have one from Branx fitness.
    No trouble with it and I much prefer it for Winter running.
    It has some advantages over road running . . .
    The deck is more forgiving on the joints than the road;
    You can select the exact pace;
    Music, dress, etc require far less trouble;
    I like it cos I could babysit the children in bed whilst still running.
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