'Additional Content' - Where do I stand?

Hi all,
I am after some help / advice with regards to a game I purchased recently, bit of a strange one this but would like to know where I stand legally.

I purchased a pre-owed collectors edition of RAGE 2 on xbox one from game online, and when it turned up all I received was the game in a standard box. What is normally included in this edition is the game, a larger collectors packaging / box, a 'Wingstick' model and a raft of digital content.

Game put a note on pre-owned game pages stating that some content may not be available, and in most cases this just refers to the digital content, which I always assume is missing, but never in over 30 years of gaming and buying games has the outer box / packaging and large physical items been missing. I contacted Game and they state that the packaging and model are consider Additional Content, and they don't have to do anything as it states AC maybe missing!!

I bought the item as I wanted the AC, does anyone know where I stand on this, as the item I received was nothing like the picture and webpage description, and was essentially just a standard copy of the game.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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