interactive family game. I need advice, please!!

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I am thinking of getting some interactive games for the whole family to play (Kids 9 &11 + 2 adults). My sister recently got a refurb Wii Sports with some games for around £50,( she keeps buying different games for around £2). I have never looked into computer games, but the idea of having a physical workout for the whole family sounds really tempting. She told me to check around as there are games that simulate tennis matches, dancing and all sorts of fitness and sports. I am completely useless at everything tech related, Wiis, consoles, Xboxes, PSP (you name it...I have NO CLUE). I would really appreciate if anyone could advise me. I have no idea what is around or what to get. I am looking for something on a budget (quite likely I will get it refurb), but I have no clue what type of games are around and what I should buy (controls...etc).


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    You need the 2 wii remotes, the wii board is for Wii Fit so for example if shows you how to do stretches and you stand on the board and do the stretch, might be other uses for it too.

    Just google wii accessories or remotes.

    You will need batteries for 1 of the remotes.
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    Magan - Wii is old tech now, but very popular at the time, so you're bound to find some going cheap. From memory, games like Mario Party are good fun for silly little games, and Mario Olympics is one we played a lot (not 100% sure title is correct). The new Nintendo Switch is essentially the follow on system from the Wii, but is a lot more expensive.
    Your best bet is to go somewhere local - do you have a CEX or similar shop nearby. If they sell the Wii's and games there, they should be cheap, and you can see what's available.
  • If you can get something like Dance Dance Revolution, it's really good fun! Ebay or CEX are your friends :)

    Honestly though, nearly every game on the Wii is a workout. I really liked the Rabbids games, and they should go down well with the kiddos too.
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    As others have mentioned, a Wii would be great. You could also pick up a Xbox 360 + Kinect for pretty cheap.
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    We dug our Wii out last summer when we went away for a family holiday in a cottage, we hadn't used it in probably 10 years,

    My 5 year old loves it and when he went to bed us adults kept playing for most of the night,

    I had to buy an adapter tho as most modern tv's won't have the connections any more (Composite AV with a SCSI Adapter), think it was only about £5 for an HDMI converter on Amazon,
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