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MSE Poll: How do you rate your energy provider’s recent service?

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MSE Poll: How do you rate your energy provider’s recent service?

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MSE_KarlMSE_Karl MSE Staff
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Money Saving Polls
Poll started 3 December 2019
Winter's here, the heating's on and while we're all about slashing energy bills, we know service counts too. So twice a year we test recent customer service.

Please rate your current supplier's SERVICE (not price) IN THE LAST SIX MONTHS (try to forget issues from before). If you've gas & electricity with different firms, rate both.
Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below.

If you haven't already, join the forum to reply.

Thanks! :)


  • pollypennypollypenny Forumite
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    I voted 'great' for npower. It's been so easy to deal with them over the years. Their website is clear and useful. However, the most important thing is that it's easy to speak to someone and negotiate direct debits.

    Good clear NE accents and very pleasant advisers.
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    Words, words, they're all we have to go by!.

    (Pity they are mangled by this autocorrect!)
  • The_MiserThe_Miser Forumite
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    It is early days but I was very surprised at the total number of votes given for Avro and Octopus - the latter getting twice as many votes as British/Scottish Gas or any of the other well known makes. I think we need far far more votes to give a representative sample to demonstrate the national feeling. I moved to Octopus because of MSE - thanks to you, and ISTR seeing Avro's name there as well; you seem to have made a considerable effect.
  • Justice13075Justice13075 Forumite
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    I use so energy and have no complaints
  • Mrs_ArcanumMrs_Arcanum Forumite
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    Via work I deal with several energy suppliers, by far the worst is BG Business.
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  • Sadly Toto energy was not on the list for me to score a "poor" rating, they have been dreadful and I had no option, firstly due to solarplicity folding they took over as my supplier but to make matters worse Solarplicity had put me on a variable tariff and due to them folding I was unable to change it, when Toto took over despite not being in contract they would not let me leave due to them waiting for accounts from Solarplicity, eventually I was told I could leave then twice blocked me leaving due to an "error on their system", my £335 credit turned into me owing them, I have sent 8 email complaints and have only ever got a response to the first email saying they are looking in to it and I will get a response in 7 days, that was months ago and despite another 7 emails I can't get a response, they are robbers and I am sure it wont belong before they go belly up as well, Avoid at all costs!
  • matrix999matrix999 Forumite
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    Be careful if your voting for Green as there is 4 similar companies.
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