Recommend a kettle please, nothing fancy, one that lasts

We need a new kettle and would prefer a 2 year guarantee as many of ours haven't lasted that long, but not essential.

We have hard water but filter it. I want a cordless, probably 1.7 as that seems the norm. I like jug kettles as usually easier to pour. Our current Tefal has lid that comes right off, probably best to refill from filter jug.

Mid range price wise. Cream, stainless or other neutrals. Reviews on some plastic kettles suggest plastic leaches, so maybe SS is best.

Just wondered if anyone can please recommend?



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    Have you ever thought of a whistling kettle? Ours came with 10yr Guarantee, had it 7yrs still going great.

    They have no parts to talk of to break. Only thing is you need to be there to take them off the heat( on a moneysaving front saves you from boiling twice). I would never buy another electric kettle, just my thoughts on it.

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    We have an induction hob so I assumed (wrongly) I couldn't have one . There are actually some good options - a Judge SS at £31.

    I am so used to having my electric kettle, nearer the sink, and having the hob free for saucepans etc. I will have to have a think. Thanks for the idea.
  • Not sure... but I ended up with a Breville Colour 1.7L on my hunt
    This dude makes websites.. Founder of MINDYOURWATER. com
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    I had a stainless steel Kenwood kettle which I purchased from Argos which has only recently failed when one of the retaining clips on the water fill window (2) broke off and started leaking. Until then it was a marvellous kettle. The lid pulled off which made filling very easy with my filter tap.

    I dislike those push button pop up lids which get in the way and make filling difficult. It lasted about 13 years and it still boils but leaks. It cost me around £25 all those years ago.

    By comparison a kettle I recently purchased from Sainsbury which cost about £20 lasted around 12 months before tripping the electrics and failing.

    I purchased a kettle from Amazon which failed in less than a year, the boil lever failed so it would not boil although the kettle does light. 2 year warranty and the kettle was partially refunded.

    I am now using a kettle from ***Amazon*** which is fairly good. It looks okay, has a pull off lid and an inbuilt thermometer gauge so that the water temperature is known. The gauge is useful because I know how long the kettle will require to reboil. It is useful when sterilizing water by boiling and then letting it cool to drink where the gauge shows how cool it is.

    The price has just dropped a small amount to £26.92 which probably wont stay at that price for long, it is usually £29.99.
    The full product name in case the link above ever dies.
    Princess 01.236028.02.001 236028 Retro Kettle 1.7L Silver, Stainless Steel, 3000 W, 1.7 liters
    Princess kettle should find it.
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