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would a new year gift be appropriate for a Jehovah Witness

I have had 2 new work collegues this year, in a team of 5, i always like to make a little something personal for them for christmas, just as a little appreciation (for them putting up with me - I work short hours, and I know that although the powers that be agreed it puts added pressure on the team, particularly new staff who have a lot to learn, and because I try my best making notes for what they need I am sometimes a little forgetful, partly my medication and partly my medical condition).

One of our new members is a Witness, I know that they don't celebrate Birthdays and Christmas etc, but wondered if I could gift a small calendar that I have seen (sewing themed - which I know she loves) as a new year present, leaving it on her desk in the new year, maybe annonymously - I would just not feel right gifting to everyone else in the department and leaving one person out.

I have wondered what others opinions would be - would it be the wrong thing to do or should I just not give anything but maybe make a cake to bring in on our first day back at work that everyone could share with a coffee!


  • babyblade41babyblade41 Forumite
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    Just had a little read elsewhere for some inspiration for you .

    Instead of calling it a xmas gift , wrap in some thank you paper or something non xmassy with a little thank you card

    I certainly think it would be appreciated
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    If it's a 'thank-you-for-all your-work' present then I would be inclined to say just that, and explain that you thought she would like it especially due to the sewing theme.
    I wouldn't leave it anonymously- maybe just hand it over before Jan 1st so she can start using it.
    (Sorry, don't know how strict JW are- next time they knock at my door I'll ask! Could have done so last week....)
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  • no.1swimmumno.1swimmum Forumite
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    Thank you so much for your replies, I will wrap it in an some paisley tissue paper that I have and give it to her as a Thank you.
  • A friend of a friend was a JW. They used to exchange friendship gifts at Christmas.
  • AlikayAlikay Forumite
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    Get her the present and give it to her when you give to the others. Just wrap it up in generic paper (not Xmas/Birthday), and tell her that you know she doesn't celebrate Christmas, but you appreciate what she does and want to treat her too.

    There are a few JW's in my family and all of them would be happy with this. You'd be recognising and respecting their beliefs, but still showing that you value them and want to give a little thank you gift.
  • sillyvixensillyvixen Forumite
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    I used to babysit for a young girl who's grandmother was J.W.
    The little girl never recieved presents or cards for birthdays or Christmas from her grandmother, nor was the grandmother ever present for any part of the birthday party or Christmas dinner. However within a week of these occasions the child has recieved toys and clothes from her grandmother unwrapped - not as a present but just because.

    I am sure a thankyou for your work last year gift would be appropriate.
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