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Hi there.

We’re having the family for Christmas (20-somethings, and us 50-somethings), and would like to buy a new board game for us all to play, like we did when the children were younger.

Any suggestions please?
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    Ludo, snakes and ladders
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    How many people are there and what type of game are you looking for?

    If it's a handful of people (maximum 6) there are a few board games where you sit around the table and play, traditional ones like Monopoly, Risk etc. or newer ones that I prefer like Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan etc.

    If there is more people there are games you can play in teams just dotted around a living room, e.g. Articulate, Trivial Pursuit, Logo Game.
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    Out family all time favourite is Who’s in the bag. Bit like charades but it’s people you’re describing . There are three choices on each card so everyone will know at least one. If you find some struggling younger or older there are blank cards you can write your own.
    We have What’s in the bag as well.
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    Could I suggest you cheat blind & get a tablecloth with different game boards printed so you can have ludo in one corner, backgammon in another, chess elsewhere & yet still all be hunkered together?

    Or rather than go for a New game, revitalise an old one - snakes & ladders lends itself to revision... The school year, the current politics, a year in the life of the Penguin family - print a pale grid, hand out the pencils & everyone plays a round then dickers over which they'd want to play again...
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