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Reducing stocking filler plastic

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  • Traditional games (if your household don't already have them) like a pack of cards, set of 5 wooden dice, wooden pick up sticks, jenga, a wooden chess/checkers set- can be used over and over again for years

    You can plant a tree with Woodland Trust on her behalf.

    When looking for treats, skip the foil wrapped chocolate coins in plastic netting and look for chocolate bars wrapped in paper or card.

    I save glass jars and bits of ribbon for gifts such as homemade mini biscuits, chocolate florentines (great for using up odds and ends of baking stuff like chopped nuts, dried fruit, sprinkles).
    Maybe gift DD some silicon reusable cupcake cases or cookie cutters

    A scented soy wax candle (in a glass jar that she can decorate with any scraps, ribbon, buttons, stickers)

    A reusable cotton tote or drawstring bag with her initial or name
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    I don't understand why people put presents in stockings as well as giving presents. At one time what was in the stocking was all children got. My parents couldn't afford stockings as well as presents so we didn't have them and didn't expect them. My children never had stockings. If you want to save money, stop filling stockings or put edible treats inside them instead of toys.
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    This is not exactly a stocking filler (but the magazines seem to think SFs come in @ £££s!!) but I wonder if she would like just one charity gift.You could pick something that really interests her.

    Oxfam have- super seeds £5, help for Climate change farmers £6, food for a family £6, safe water for a family of 4 :£6 etc
    There are lots of ideas here- with up to 40% reduction at the moment.

    or Christain aid:
    gift of a Turkey £7
    pair of hens £8

    plant cocoa saplings in Dominica £2.87
    lots of ideas for £6 upwards- eggs, school uniform, 50 bowls rice, toothpaste & brushes, text books, footballs........ Some are in UK such as planting oak trees. Loads of choice here:
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    Wooden yoyo, mason jar of loose sweets/pick n mix, juggling ball bean bags, reusable straws, origami paper/book, small books, chocolate orange, random wooden toys/gadgets/tins/ceramics from Flying Tiger
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