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Hi all,

Popped to my local Superdrug's today and saw something on the clearance aisle which I use anyway. It was on clearance due to it being close to its expiry date. It was advertised as still being on 3 4 2 so I thought why not.

Purchased said items which were reduced to 40p each, I had 6 so the 3 4 2 kicked in and worked out at £1.60 as per the receipt. Also purchased 2 further full priced items totaling £1.40. The receipt states the total due was £3.00.

The staff member serving me said because it is on clearance, you can't have it on 3 4 2. He ended up charging me £4.

Does anyone have experience of clearance items which are on 3 4 2 at Superdrug? I know it's only a few pence but still. The way he spoke to me was very condescending. Surely if the receipt said £3, why on earth was he insistent on charging me £4 for it?

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