27" Monitor - Best One, Best Price

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edited 17 November 2019 at 3:50AM in Gaming MoneySaving
I want to buy my son a good 27"gaming monitor at the best price.

He has a good pc (2700 cpu, can't remember the graphics card but it plays everything he wants to play without any problems) - That was last year's buy, now its time to get a monitor.

I'm not a gamer, what should I be looking for and how do I get the best price with Black Friday coming up (any apps I can use to alert me to price reductions) ? I see a lot of curved monitors but not sure they are worth the extra money (curved TVs seem to have died a death). Obviously the monitor I decide on may not be reduced black Friday. I have used HotUK deals and Camel camel in the past but that only works for amazon.

How much difference does the Hz make in reality, the cheaper monitors are 75Hz, £100 more for 144Hz monitors? Is it worth the difference? He does play demanding games but looking online, most reviewers say its isn't really a worthwhile feature.

I did buy my older son a super wide monitor last year, it was a bit disappointing so won't be looking for another one. He actually would prefer a 16:9 one now.

Any tips, anyone?


  • Amazon isn't a bad idea when purchasing a monitor IMO. Not all these screens are the same, the same model can vary quite widely in quality and therefore having the option of returning it without question is important when buying a monitor. Are you or your son going to be satisfied with a low quality screen->luck of the draw and limited options for return? Maybe except for the possibility of the warranty which might not cover everything wrong with the screen such as the number of dead pixels.

    Some screens can have terrible Back Light Bleed. Some can have Dead Pixels whereas others can be very badly calibrated causing poor colour display. Getting one that you are happy about rather than taking pot luck can be useful IMO.

    A 27" screen would suit a 1440p monitor better than a 1080p but can your son's PC handle 1440p at a suitable frame rate?

    You need to choose a panel type:

    [1] TN panel which are often used for gaming:
    Faster pixel response times of 1 to 2 ms.
    Often higher refresh rates

    Lower colour quality
    Lower viewing angles
    Dead pixels are usually white and highly viewable.

    [2] IPS panel:
    Better colours
    Can have a screen glow
    Slower pixel response times than TN panels which can cause blurring.
    Usually fairly low refresh rates of around 60Hz unless you pay a very high premium for one of the models which can do higher refresh rates.

    [3] VA panel:
    Excellent contrast ratios x3 the other panel types often 3000:1.
    Utterly terrible blurring IMO especially on certain colour transitions such as brown->black or black->grey or grey->black. I returned a VA panel to Amazon because of these problems. Other than that it was a decent screen with zero BLB and no DP. It got to 84Hz refresh rate too on HDMI(1080p). However it was fairly poorly calibrated with some strange and uncorrectable Red colour deficits.

    Something else to consider is what connections that it requires ie what outputs on the PC's graphics card. Displayport, HDMI, DVI, VGA.
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